Ra Sun God

As it resides within the dark recesses of misinformation and voodoo magic, solar energy information is difficult to obtain. While surfing the worldwide web, I have found hidden snippets of information on, of all places, websites that promote solar energy as the ultimate savior (far from the truth) and from media reports. Thus, prevailing information appears to be that of a magician’s bait-and-switch. The information is there, but you don’t see it–misdirection and slight of hand.

In response to all the promotional claptrap, this is a call to you, the People of the World, to share your findings and personal experiences with solar energy. I encourage you, herein, to comment on and add to hard sought information and to join in the forums.




  • Quickly review information and data

°   Energy Basics Made Simple

°   Where the Sun Shines, Not So Simple

°   Technology for Dummies

°   Historic Evolution in Brief

°   Solar Energy Challenges and Technical Hurdles

°   World Statistics and Numbers on Solar Energy

°   Financial Follies and Failures (e.g., Solyndra)

°   Solar Energy Company Stocks, Lost Headwinds

°   Sahara Desert Solar Energy, Salvation or Failure on the Horizon


Share your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and stories in Forum

°   Solar Energy Company Failures ( Solyndra and Others)

°   US Government Loans to Solar Energy Companies

°   EU Renewable Energy

°   US and European Union Rebate Programs

°   Cost of Solar Energy

°   Residential Solar Energy

°  Self-Help Photovoltaic Panels